Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Are we really modern or is it just the mask ??

This question keeps coming back to me in various means and forms.Daily you can see one news about a women being raped or tortured or looked down upon..Are we really modern in our thinking , our approach Where are we heading towards ?India a developing nation with women embarrassments and crimes  peaking .
I was shocked to see the news paper today -a women raped and then forced to drink acid so that she dies a pathetic death and all women of that area gets to learn a lesson from this.
What barbaric act full of shame.Are women just for material pleasure? 
They raise your kids they look after you, leave their family for you, they are your sisters, your friends your wife and your mother how can men be  so inhuman towards women.
This is one of an instance where the people were uneducated but what about the educated highly qualified male are they different breed?

Here i am not generalizing but i fail to understand why educated men behave so rudely with their counterparts? They want qualified beautiful girl as their wife, then how can u physically abuse them?
I feel it wrong on the part of females who keep quiet and accept the torture thinking about the family. When your husband  did not even thinks once before harming you mentally or physically then why should a female carry the burden of what society thinks?
according to a survey educated females are the ones who do not say anything cause of the fear of society.

What kind of modern are we that we kill little soul in the womb cause we want to raise son.Whom would your son marry if every other women gives birth to a boy child.
I am sometimes so happy to see families in village accepting  girl child.
But when we look at the data of urban india or the india shining majority of female foeticide  are reported there. 
Gurgaon , delhi ,chandigarh have major female foeticide.
What do you think are we living in

a society of masked modernity?

Friday, May 30, 2014

Parenting -Learning and unlearning

Parenting a world within this small strong word. The new me is far far away from the pre parenting life. My little R is the best gift i could have asked from god.
I was so happy to have received this little naughty miracle in my life but was unaware of the responsibility tagged .
I read on few sites and few advice from my friends and i was ready to take the plunge.But little that i know there was anew world awaiting for me with cute eyes and a smile to die for.
Every day was a challenge and new things which i would have never thought of..

Sleepless nights pees and poos were my routines.The little time i got i used to rush for sleep was a everyday task for the first two month. Momma was getting to know her baby.

As the saying goes you realize what your parents have gone through once you become a parent.

Can never imagine the kind of strength a mother draws when she sees her child in difficulty.I was just out of the Operation theater and a hour later doc sent my little R for feeding .Don't know how i managed to feed him where did all the pain went ?Here i was happily feeding my son .That day a mother was born.

A mother who was naive who had no idea about how to even hold her new born.

A mother who had to learn everything from nappy wrapping to  pee timing to sleeping pattern to feeding worries to praying god  so that baby takes a good sleep.

A mother who did not even know how to tie a diaper..ya i still remember my first time with the  diaper was so confused as to how the hell this would work.Now a pro though.

The feeling of contentment when you see the baby happy n cheerful.
There were days of anxiety as to how would i manage all things am i on the right track,am i doing the right things have i given the right food.The days when i used to wait for him to say his first babble his first words his laughter.

Never understood though the relation between the timing of baby's poo and mothers eating schedule .
It happens with me even now at times when my R is a year old, the moment i sit to grab my lunch i hear a cry calling for help to clean the Poo or the Pee.

At times i used to long for a good 2 hour sleep and  my wish was granted which was once in few months.
Donot really know how a year has gone by and a naive mother who is still not a pro is learning and unlearning many things..