Friday, May 30, 2014

Parenting -Learning and unlearning

Parenting a world within this small strong word. The new me is far far away from the pre parenting life. My little R is the best gift i could have asked from god.
I was so happy to have received this little naughty miracle in my life but was unaware of the responsibility tagged .
I read on few sites and few advice from my friends and i was ready to take the plunge.But little that i know there was anew world awaiting for me with cute eyes and a smile to die for.
Every day was a challenge and new things which i would have never thought of..

Sleepless nights pees and poos were my routines.The little time i got i used to rush for sleep was a everyday task for the first two month. Momma was getting to know her baby.

As the saying goes you realize what your parents have gone through once you become a parent.

Can never imagine the kind of strength a mother draws when she sees her child in difficulty.I was just out of the Operation theater and a hour later doc sent my little R for feeding .Don't know how i managed to feed him where did all the pain went ?Here i was happily feeding my son .That day a mother was born.

A mother who was naive who had no idea about how to even hold her new born.

A mother who had to learn everything from nappy wrapping to  pee timing to sleeping pattern to feeding worries to praying god  so that baby takes a good sleep.

A mother who did not even know how to tie a diaper..ya i still remember my first time with the  diaper was so confused as to how the hell this would work.Now a pro though.

The feeling of contentment when you see the baby happy n cheerful.
There were days of anxiety as to how would i manage all things am i on the right track,am i doing the right things have i given the right food.The days when i used to wait for him to say his first babble his first words his laughter.

Never understood though the relation between the timing of baby's poo and mothers eating schedule .
It happens with me even now at times when my R is a year old, the moment i sit to grab my lunch i hear a cry calling for help to clean the Poo or the Pee.

At times i used to long for a good 2 hour sleep and  my wish was granted which was once in few months.
Donot really know how a year has gone by and a naive mother who is still not a pro is learning and unlearning many things..