Friday, May 20, 2016

Summer Coolers Kiddos would love..

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Strawberry oats lollies

Your kids would love these little healthy lollies in summer. Oats generally hated by kids would make their way happily in our little monsters tummy.
Take one sachet of strawberry oats (quaker oats preferred) .
Boil in one and a half cup of milk.
Add 2 tea spoons of mixed fruit jam to this mix and let the milk simmer for 1 more minute .
Now swirl it in your  mixer grinder for just one minute
Let it have a smooth consistency 
Add pistachios ,almond,raisin to it after cooling the mixture.
Freeze this mixture by putting it in interesting moulds of lollies or different shape your kids love.

They would love you for this mumma..

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Water melon n cucumber Slush

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2 bowls water melon
1 peeled cucumber
2-3 mint leaves
1 lemon
Image result for watermelon slush recipe2 teaspoon sugar(can be avoided) - Alternatively add black pepper n   half tea spoon black salt

Blend  Blend Blend the cucumber ,water melon  mint leaf mixture to shoo away the scorching sun.

Now strain the refreshing drink and add few drops of lime juice( 1 tea spoon).
Now with the help of a muddler   muddle some ice at the bottom of the glass add some crushed watermelon and mint .
Pour this drink on the ice slush and enjoy the freshness..

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